About IWBG

Mission of the Group 

International Women and Business Group (IWBG) was founded by Prof.Dr.Kiymet Caliyurt in 2009 in Edirne, Turkey. 

The aim of the group is to discuss and publish on issues related to women and business.The mission of the group is to create a better, qualified and safer business environment for women in business.

IWBG is a body of scholars who are concerned with; 

* laws and regulation on women & business,

* national and international applications on women & business,

* sectoral developments and applications on women & business,

* national and international non-governmental organisations activities on women & business,

* business education systems and problems on education for women in business,

* ethical issues on women & business,

* corporate social responsibility on women & business,

* corporate governance on women & business,

* sustainability on women & business,

* accountability on women & business


International Women and Business Group;

* organises meetings, conferences,

* publishes book series,

* publishes e-journal,

* publishes newsletter,

* join projects on women and business,

* organises workshop and trainings.


If you would like to join International Women and Business group, please send mail to Assoc.Prof.Kıymet Caliyurt, Conference Series President;



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