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Fllanza Hoxha
is MSc. in Electrical Engineering, she also is holder of Environmental Impact Assessment Certificated (Rainbow, SIDA, Sweden) and Energy Efficiency Auditor: Buildings and Industrial certificate (European commission – Liaison office of Kosovo, Danish Energy Management – Kantar Management.

Fllanza Hoxha is a qualified electrical engineer and highly experienced professional manager with over 30 years’ experience in the Kosovo Energy Corporation and sector, of which:

  • more than 20  years  in a senior managerial position, with oversight of a workforce of about 200 to 2000 KEK staff
  • 3 year acting as KEK Commercial Director. Responsible for overall commercial activities within KEK’s Divisions, Generation, Mines, Distribution and Supply.
    • 2 years acting as KEK corporate special adviser. Responsible for development on the environmental strategy for KEK. Coordinate all Environmental activities in KEK (Mines Division, Production Division, Distribution Division and Supply Division).Leader of KEK Task Group Environment
    • 1 years acting as Adviser for energy and environmental issues to Kosovo Prime Minister, appointed by UNDP/CBF project.
    • more than 3 years (from May 2011) of experience as the manager of the Project Implementation Unit for the successful KEDS privatization, with direct responsibility to the Government Privatization Committee (composed from five Ministers) respectively to Minister of Economic Development in a role of Chairman of Government Privatization Committee, for managing the bidding and bid opening processes in line with Kosovo law and international best practice for good governance of such transaction. During this period she acted as a professional counterpart to the WB group member IFC transaction advisers and USAID/Deloitte independent strategic adviser.
    • About two years (2014-2016) she was engaged in REPOWER-KOSOVO project. This important energy project is financed by USAID and implemented by AECOM WDC. Additional to her responsibilities as institutional Support Specialist she is very actively involved in the realization of REPOWER Gender action plan.


Fllanza is a highly respected professional within both the power sector and within governmental circles for her competence, integrity and professionalism.  She has a proven track record in delivering results in a complex and challenging environment.

Being one from first electrical engineer in Kosovo Energy Sector her role, direct involvement and contribution in in awareness-raising on gender equality and advancing the position of women in the Kosovo energy sector is well known for the Kosovo energy sector as well as for Kosovo public opinion.



I have the following academic qualifications:

BA (WITS) (1983)

LLB (WITS) (1985)

LLM (UNISA) (1993)

LLD (UP) (2005)


I have the following non- academic qualifications:

AFSA Diploma in Dispute Resolution (2005) and

 CEDR Accreditation and Conflict Dynamics Mediator Skills (2012)


I am presently a Professor at the Graduate School of Business Leadership (UNISA) where I teach labour law, the law of contract and dispute resolution.  Prior to this I was a professor at the UNISA Law Faculty where I specialised in labour law.  Prior to that I was a Professor at the Law Faculty at the University of Pretoria where I also specialised in labour law. I have been an academic full time since 2000. (Please see attached academic CV).  I am an NRF rated researcher (C2) and have published extensively locally and abroad.

Although I am an academic I also have vast practical experience in labour law. Presently I am a part time Commissioner at the CCMA. Prior to joining academia, I was a consultant to FSA Contact (now a division of Price Waterhouse Coopers) and the Institute of People Management. I did training for them on the LRA, EEA and BCEA. I also worked on a retainer basis for various companies, drafting disciplinary codes, EE Plans, assisting with retrenchment exercises and chairing disciplinary enquiries. I continued to chair disciplinary enquiries for the University of Pretoria while I was employed there from 2000- 2008 and while employed at the UNISA Law Faculty from 2009 -2011. I was a practising advocate from 2012 to end of 2014 and held chambers at Maisels Chambers Sandton. Presently I am a part time commissioner at the omission for Conciliation Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).


I have presented papers at numerous international conferences, including as keynote speaker. I have published extensively both locally and abroad. My book, The Employment Contract and the Changed World of Work, was published in 2007 in the United Kingdom. I am the editor of a book (Ageing Populations and Changing Labour Markets Gower 2010) where  I wrote the introductory and concluding chapters. For this book II assembled a collection of expert writers on the social, cultural, political, and economic factors that have implications both for labour markets and the well-being of older people in developed and developing countries. I have published more than 30 articles in accredited law journals in South Africa on labour law issues


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